Water Leak Detection

Advanced water leak detection system..For professional installers.

Water leak detection systems early detects potential water leakage problem. Notification can be obtained over alarm, e-mail SMS. It ensures highest up time for your business. False alarm can be avoided with help of adjustable sensitive threshold. Event logging to for easy diagnostic Leakage detection can be done over distance, zone or specific spot. It reduces major financial risk at minimal cost.

Web interfaced owned telecommunications switches, damaged files.

Personnel safety can be threatened by roof leaks in building or by fire from water caused electrical short circuits.

A WLDS unit consists of monitoring panel, leak sensing cable, power supply, u clip etc. Length of leak sensing cables mainly determines speediness of detection and cost of equipment. Length of leak detection cable off course depends on size or room but for same size of room designer can use any length of cable depending on how fast detection should be. Monitoring panel available different types depending on features like alarm, SMS facility, Dry contacts and numbers of Zone etc.

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